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Giant Inflatable
Giant Inflatable Giant Inflatable Giant Inflatable Giant Inflatable Giant Inflatable

Giant Inflatable

Product ID : IL-03-From $680.00
Product Attributes :

Giant Inflatable "Fantastic Planet" Figure LED

Size: 4.5m / 14.8 ft tall or custimized

Material: Very tough woven nylon fabric - tear resistant

1pc Inflatable Fantastic Planet figure and blower included for quick and easy setup, Deflates for easy storage

It can be equipped with internal lighting or with RGB LED lighting.

With long zippered seam at the bottom of vertical tube to help speed the release of air when the arch is deflated.

Production Time: About 1 week

Perfect for Singal Festival Of Light Art, Lights and events.

Product Description

Giant Inflatable "Fantastic Planet" Figure LED

Giant Inflatable

Giant Inflatable

giant inflatable man

LED inflatable man

The largest installations is the 14.8ft high illuminated inflatable figure, This installation is inspired by the cult science fiction film Fantastic Planet [1973] that is set in the distant future in a world populated by gargantuan humanoids.

Lights Festival that features sculptures, structures and installations by some of the most innovative artists and designers around the world using a wide range of different forms of light technology.

The advance of light technologies means that they are becoming increasingly popular by artists who are developing light installations that will provide interactive, performance or visual spectacles.

illuminated infltable figure

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